To receive a quote simply fill out our online quote form and someone will call you within 1 business day. Or you can call directly during normal business hours and speak to one of our customer service agents to receive a quote for your transportation needs. Once you have accepted the quote and all information about your shipment has been finalized you will receive a call from our new customer agent specialist to introduce you to our company and verify that all of your information is correct for your transport needs. They will go over the shipment process and verify dates and addresses with you.

When it is time to pick up your vehicle then either the driver or a customer service agent will contact you to go over the scheduled pick up date and time, or you may drop your car off at our yard if you wish.

How to prepare your vehicle for shipment.

Make sure your street is suitable to accommodate a large semi car carrier truck. If a large truck cannot access your neighbourhood then a nearby place where you can meet the driver will need to be arraigned. If a nearby place is still not accessible then other means can be arranged for a smaller truck to pick up your car and then be transferred over to the larger truck.

  • Please make sure that car is clean and washed if necessary, this makes it easier for the driver to do an accurate inspection of your vehicle.
  • Make sure gas tank is no more than a quarter tank full (we ask this for issues with weight on the truck).
  • Make sure there are no personal items left inside the vehicle. It is actually against DOT regulations for auto transporters to transport household goods inside the vehicle and it can actually be subject to search and seizure if DOT requests.
  • So please do not add any unnecessary items to your vehicle which might cause a delay in the transportation.
  • Please make sure that all loose items are either removed or securely fastened as we are not responsible for items that may fall off during shipment.
  • Please visit our terms and conditions page for a full description.

Once the driver has arrived at your destination to pick up the vehicle he will do a full detailed inspection by marking on his paper document or electronic device all of the previous damage such as scratches and dents. The mileage and amount of keys will be noted and several pictures of your vehicle will also be taken. Then the driver will safely load your vehicle onto the trailer and securely load it for shipment.

During transport the driver will safely transport your vehicle to your destination. Most people are unaware of the many rules and regulations that drivers have to follow such as not driving more than 11 hours a day and taking a full 10 hour break in between driving as well. Also if a driver has worked 70 hours in an 8 day period he is required to take a 34 hour break. All of these rules that drivers must follow contribute to the amount of time it takes to travel between states. We ask that customers understand that our drivers must follow these rules and we require that all of our drivers follow all DOT hours of service rules to ensure the safety of them and everyone else on the road. So please be understanding to the amount of time it takes to travel between destinations and also understand that your car is one of several loaded onto trailer and driver might have several other destinations to pick or drop along the way as well.

Once a driver is near your destination either the driver or a customer service agent will call you to arrange the time of delivery. Again please remember that this is on a large truck and if the truck is not allowed or cannot access your neighborhood then either an outside safer meeting place must be arranged or a smaller truck to transfer vehicle to and then delivery to you will need to be arranged.

At the time of delivery

At the time of delivery, the driver will again with you do a full inspection of the vehicle taking pictures and noting mileage and keys returned. Also taking pictures again to show a comparison of pick-up and delivery condition. As long as there are no additional damages then you will sign off on delivery and full inspection and BOL will be emailed to you for your records.

If the unfortunate happens and there are new damages found at the time of delivery they will be noted on the BOL at time of delivery and you will be asked to call into the office and speak with the claims department to discuss the damage claim process.

Forms of payment

We ask that if you are paying us directly please do not pay the driver with cash. We ask this not only for your proof of payment but also for the safety of the driver (it is unfortunate that too many people know that car haulers get paid cash for delivery and we do not want our drivers to have anything happen to them because of all this cash.) This is why we ask that either you pay to our office by credit card or PayPal or bank transfer it will make the process smoother and safer. If you prefer to pay the driver directly then we ask that you only pay with cashier’s check or money order as these things can easily be traced in case of loss or damage and can be used as a receipt as well.